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What causes red eye (in photos!)

We’re not talking about red eyes caused by tiredness or over indulgence!  We’re talking about “red eye” in photos – caused when using a flash. What you’re seeing is the bright light of the camera flash being reflected off the rear of the eye. Because the light of the...

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What the ‘f’!

Sounds rude, but don't worry. One topic that keeps cropping up (no pun intended) on our courses is f-stop, a.k.a. aperture. Basically, the aperture or f-stop is a numerical value that represents the size of the hole that light travels through the camera lens before...

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Which Course Is Right For You?

Want to improve your photography, but you’re unsure how? Our Level 1 course, Fundamentals of Digital Photography, will help you better understand your camera’s controls and compositon techniques to achieve better photos.

Our Level 2 course, Building on the Fundamentals, will provide you with a wider understanding of your camera’s controls and introduces more techniques to help you further improve your photography and to grow in confidence.

Ready to go Beyond the Fundamentals? Then the Level 3 course is for you, where we look at more advanced techniques, controls and equipment. Level 4, Taking Your Digital Photography Further, follows on and builds your expanding repetoire of skills.

We also offer courses on a range of other topics too, such as flash photography and photo editing and management software, inlcuding Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Check our courses page for the latest course availability.

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